As a lifelong environmentalist, Perry understands that protecting our environment is vital to public health and safety.  As your State Representative and a member of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, Perry has advocated and will continue to advocate for the environment by

  • Protecting our water:  Keep fracking out of the Delaware River Basin to guarantee the safety of our drinking water.

  • Protecting our parks:  Support Governor Wolf's moratorium on leasing state park and forest land for the purposes of natural gas extraction.  

  • Supporting green energy and green jobs: Approach environmental problems by finding solutions that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.



As a former public school teacher and a proud public school parent, Perry knows the importance of supporting our area’s award-winning school districts.  As your State Representative, Perry has advocated and will continue to advocate for:

  • Early childhood education: Ensure equal access to quality education.  In Perry’s first term, he helped pass bipartisan funding for education in the state budget for fiscal year 2017/18.

  • College affordability: Guarantee affordable post-secondary education that reduces the necessity and life-long financial burden of student loans

  • Job training: Provide relevant job training for members of our community to allow for an easier transition from education into the workforce.  



Perry knows that now more than ever, we need legislation that protects our rights as voters and citizens. As your State Representative, Perry has advocated and will continue to advocate for:

  • An end to gerrymandering: Allow the voters to choose their politicians, and not the other way around. Perry was a co-sponsor of the original House Bill 722, which called for an independent redistricting commission.

  • Election reforms: Keep corporations out of our elections and make it easier, not harder, for members of our community to vote.

  • Free press: Guarantee protection of a free press that allows us to have a reliable source of information for what’s happening in our community, in Harrisburg, and in our nation.



As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Perry knows the value of legislation that protects working class families and stimulates job growth.  As your State Representative, Perry has protected and will continue to protect the financial stability of his constituents by

  • Raising the minimum wage: Guarantee a living wage that protects the quality of life of workers and their families.

  • Supporting local businesses:  Support existing small businesses and build a community in which new entrepreneurs can succeed.

  • Creating well-paying jobs in our community: Provide programs and pathways for long term job creation in our community.

  • Grants: In his first term as State Representative, Perry obtained grants for local infrastructure and for the Morrisville Senior Center. Improved, reliable infrastructure will allow all commuters to travel to and from work in a timely manner. At the Morrisville Senior Center, grant money is being used to provide access to relevant job training for members of our community.  



As a father of five, Perry understands the importance of protecting our children. As your State Representative, Perry has supported and will continue to support:

  • An end to child marriage: Perry introduced House Bill 1038, which would set the minimum age for marriage in Pennsylvania at 18, protecting children from coercive marriages.

  • Sensible gun legislation: Pass legislation that keeps guns out of our classrooms and away from our children. We must find a way for sensible gun safety legislation to be passed in the Commonwealth while maintaining the rights of law-abiding citizens.  In his first term, Perry introduced the “No Fly, No Buy” bill and advocates for other important gun safety solutions such as universal background checks and bans on bump stocks and assault weapons. He is a current member of the PA SAFE caucus.



Perry understands that although we have made major strides towards creating a more equal society, there is still more work to be done. As your State Representative, Perry has worked and will continue to work to end discrimination by fighting for:

  • Equal pay for all:  Fight to close the wage gap by implementing legislation combating workplace inequalities.

  • Ending discrimination:  During Perry’s tenure on borough council, he helped write and pass an anti-discrimination ordinance, supporting LGBTQ+ members of our community.  He supports and has cosponsored similar legislation in the House of Representatives.



Governor Wolf has stated that opioid addiction is “the worst public health crisis in Pennsylvania,” and the federal government has declared it a national emergency. As your State Representative, Perry is working to combat this epidemic by

  • Establishing preventative education: Inform community members of all ages about the real-life dangers of opioid addiction.

  • Finding solutions, not punishments: Fund drug courts so addicts are given a chance to turn their lives around instead of being condemned to a life of crime and addiction.